Why I Dress My Twins Alike (Most of the Time)

Back when I was pregnant with the girls, I was often asked if I planned to dress them alike.  I think my standard response in those days was, "I think we'll just dress them in whatever we can grab!"  Oh, how true that was at times.  

I did start to notice, though, that if we were going out I liked to dress the girls alike, or at least in coordinating outfits.  I looooved the little cotton rompers that come in packs of two or three.  I could throw one on each baby and have them similarly dressed but not exactly matched.  We got so many clothes as gifts, we had a ton of matching outfits.  People find it hard to resist buying doubles of cute little baby clothes, it seems.  Most of the girls' nicer outfits came in a pair, either because it was gifted or I purchased them myself.  So, from an early age, they have been dressed alike most of the time for church or other "nice clothes" functions.

10 months!

The 'dressing alike' trend continued and increased when the girls reached the toddler/preschool years.  During the last couple of years, A & M have probably been dressed alike more often than not.  I don't think too hard about it, and neither do they--so hopefully I'm not having too much of an effect on their delicate little psyches here.  When I occasionally ask if they want to wear the same thing or something different, there's about a 50% chance they'll choose the same thing anyway.  Most days, they really just don't seem to care.  M requires a 'twirly dress' nearly every day, but beyond that, neither of them is too very picky.

I will let you in on my big motivator for dressing them alike:  it's easier.  Do I think they're cute as pie in matching outfits?  Sure!  But I think they're cute as pie no matter what they're wearing.  When I'm pulling out clothes for the day (or pajamas for the night), it's just SO much simpler to grab two of the same outfits rather than fussing over who is going to wear which one.  I do still often buy coordinating outfits--the same outfit in different colors, for example--but it's basically the same principle.  M wears the purple and A wears the pink.  (The colors are their choices....I didn't have a whole lot to do with that one!)

Beautiful day for a walk at Bridge Street...until it started raining on us!

Yes, even the pajamas usually match.  I don't want to hear fussing at bedtime either.  And I reason that if they're wearing the same thing, one shouldn't be cold while the other is burning up.  See?  Simplified!

Proud to be four!

Dressing the girls alike also keeps things simpler in my mind.  Naturally, the girls have certain clothes that are favorites of mine.  Occasionally I will run across an outfit that I just absolutely love and I know I have to buy it for them.  Of course I have to get two, right?  I can't buy Addison an outfit I love and Mackenzie an outfit that I think is just okay.  (I realize no one but me would know that I didn't just love both outfits, but it makes sense in my head, okay?  Just a little neurotic around here.)  If it comes in two colors I like, or if there are two different-but-equally-cute options, I am likely to choose those.  But if not, a duplicate set is added to the cart. 

Getting dressed for church on Sunday morning?  No need to spend time picking out two outfits that are equally cute/equally loved by mom/on the same level of dressiness...just throw a matching set of dresses on and be done.  Simplified again!

I have begun to question if we are maybe reaching the age that it's time to stop dressing them alike so often.  Even if they don't care about the clothes they are wearing and whether they match or not, maybe I need to start making more of an effort in this area.  Surely I can spare an extra few minutes to pick out two outfits versus one in duplicate. 

I'm not saying it's going to happen overnight, and I'm sure there will still be plenty of times when I can't resist buying two of the same outfit.  But at least maybe the girls can start wearing them on different days...

Do you still dress your twins alike (or did you ever)?  What do you think is the "cutoff age" for dressing alike on a regular basis? 


  1. This is EXACTLY my approach!!!

    I couldn't exactly identify it for a long time, but I finally realized that I never want one to be perceived as dressed "more cutely" [is that even a word???] than the other.

    I think the girls' closet is probably 60% coordinating outfits, and 40% matching. Pajamas are almost always identical, though...it's my "guilty pleasure" to see my little elves running down the hall in the morning together...there is NOTHING sweeter!!!

    I will add one note, though...I still do a lot of shopping on clearance...shopping ahead for the next year. That definitely adds to the matching...when you're buying clearance, it's rare to have too many choices. [A likely excuse, huh?!]

    Having matching / coordinating sets also makes laundry so much easier. I can see how many clean sets of PJs I have left, or how many sets of towels. It seems like it would be a lot more work to count individual pairs of PJs! ;)

  2. Mine have always had coordinating, if not exact matching outfits. This year, they are old enough to notice when their friends call them the wrong name. I was worried that going to preschool might be a problem, so I started to go with outfits that 'went together' instead of being identical. One would wear purple and the other pink of the same dress. Or one would wear the dress while the other wore pants in the same fabric. I thought this would help keep them separate at school, while allowing me to still dress my babies alike... it really is easier. And I don't want one to tell me later "Why was sister always wearing the cuter outfit?"

    You know what? They told me a few weeks ago that they LIKE dressing the same and asked me why they didn't have as many identical outfits. Who knew? :)

  3. I'm big on coordination, but never have they matched. In my mind that's an identical twin thing. I love that my mother *hated* being dressed alike as a twin, but wanted me to do the same for the ladies!

    For the last few months it has been a free-for-all in regards to clothes. Unless where going somewhere nice, or where that might be photographic proof of my neglect, I've let them dress themselves. They pick their own clothes and put them on independently. They still don't get the twin thing and starting camp this summer I don't want them to be labeled. They're oh so different and I want people to embrace that. So coordinated, not matched it is!

    Also, you're not alone in your buying strategy. I CANNOT buy just one of anything!

  4. I have frat boys, but can only think of once or twice when I have dressed them identically. I do buy the same clothes in different colours, but don't consider that as dressing them alike. Saying that, my parents did the same for my sister & I when we were younger (4yrs difference), so I suppose it could be considered by others as dressing them the same.

  5. I love dressing my twin girls alike. You're absolutely right, it's easier! And it's adorable. My husband pretty much grabs whatever he can, so they often are dressed differently just lounging around the house. But whenever we go somewhere, it's matchy!

  6. ahhh. i had it easy: one boy and one girl! :) we did have some male/female coordinating things early on, but that's pretty much gone at this age. what we have entered is the stage when they want to pick their own clothes. and most of the time NOTHING ever matches. i came home the other day and M had decided to wear purple polkadot stretch pants, a multicolored stripy top, a tutu skirt, and bright orange socks. and that's how she stayed dressed. the ENTIRE day!!! :)

  7. At 5 mine have some the same, some alike. I also like co ordinating but not the same. But now that they choose their own clothes it is 99% totally different. So I guess test them, ask them


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