Six (and Ten)

Six years ago yesterday, we began our married life together.  It hasn't been flawless, but six years, a few homes & cars, two kids, a couple of jobs, and innumerable amazing moments later, I can say without a doubt that it's exactly where I want to be.


I can't help but be reminded that it is also this month that marks ten years since Jeremy and I met and began dating.  TEN.  

One day, I'll have to write out the story of how we met.  I can imagine the girls would like to read that sometime in the future.

There is no big dramatic element to our story, but to us, it was perfect. 


  1. congrats to you and Jeremy, Deanna. Can't wait to hear your story!

  2. What a gorgeous picture!

    And it always amazes me to think about how long we've been married, yes (13 years)...but to realize we'll celebrate our 17 YEAR dating anniversary this fall...that's just nuts! I'm not that old! HA!

    Hope you two had some down time to reflect and celebrate. Again, happy anniversary!!!

  3. Happy Anniversary!

    I love to hear other peoples' stories, I think because everyone is so taken aback by mine. So glad you are both still happy and in love.

  4. Happy anniversary! And you were a lovely bride.

  5. Looking forward to your story.

    Your twins are adorable!!


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