Me to Mackenzie, on a long afternoon without a nap:  You're exhausted, aren't you?
M:  What does 'exhausted' mean?
Me:  It means very, very tired.
M:  Yeah, I'm exhausted!


At the zoo...
Can you guess what an ANTeater eats?
A & M:  Ummmm, GRASS!
So logic isn't a strong point yet...


Me:  Girls, do you remember how to say 'goodnight' in Spanish?
Mackenzie, proudly:  Goodnight in Spanish!
Is she getting a jump on the smarty-pants stage?!


Addison, randomly to Jeremy one day:
Hey, you ole fat boy!
I laughed for days at that one.  Jeremy, not so much!


When Mackenzie is questioning something, she often says "Why because?".  I LOVE it.


Addison often sits with me while I do my makeup, and she has taken to asking for the small brush to smooth her "eye barrels".  (Eyebrows)  


The girls discussing between themselves why they have to take a bath:
M: If we don't take a bath, we will be stinky!
A:  Yeah, and Jesus won't like it if we are stinky...it will make him throw up!
Good opportunity for a conversation about how Jesus loves us no matter what--not just when we are shiny and clean.


Addison, trying to put on a shoe that is nearly too small...
Me:  Your foot sure is growing!
A:  Yeah, let's see how much it weighs. (Pretends to measure) It's twenty dollars!


Jeremy had been teasing Mackenzie quite a bit in the car the other day, and she had her fill.
J:  I'm sorry for picking on you, Mackenzie, are you still mad at me?
M:  Okay...but I'm gonna keep my eye on you, daddy!

Mackenzie's best intimidating look

I love my silly girls that know exactly how to make us laugh and brighten any day.


  1. Oh my word, I love this post!!! And that pic.

    Yes, she's starting her smarty pants-ness early and good on you for the spiritual lesson in all that!

    I also laughed at the "fat boy" - don't tell Jeremy!

  2. The units of measure definitely crack me up! Our girls will say some things along those lines, too. And when they do use money, it's usually "XXX and 17 cents". HA!

    And I LOVE that stink-eye picture at the end!!! :)

  3. ...or at least that's how I'd caption the picture without the context. (Hope you know I'm not calling your beautiful daughter a stink-eye!!!) ;)

  4. OMG I have laughed until I am sure my coworkers wonder what I am doing. They are hilarious at this age!
    I love the fat ole boy.

  5. I came back... because I showed D - he loves this post and wanted to send it out to all his work people but I put a stop to that pronto!

    And... I didn't even notice the stink eye :)

    I should post some of Kendra's :)


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