iPhone Photography (by Addison & Mackenzie)

Ever since we got our iPhones last year, Jeremy and I occasionally let the girls use them to play games.  We each have a couple of apps that are targeted to small children, and the girls know how to find and play their favorite games.

In the last few months, Addison & Mackenzie have also figured out a bit about how to work the camera feature.  Thus, I often pick up my phone to find my photostream full of picture after blurry picture of the floor, a face, an eye, or the ceiling.

A few recent examples...

Addison's photo montage:




Someone got a little artsy with the chip basket, maybe?


The many faces of Mackenzie:




Her first sun flare photograph:


There are probably at least a hundred pictures from my dad's house on Sunday afternoon.  Most are some combination of feet, the blurry floor, and the front door.  Here is one fairly decent shot of my dad and Jeremy:


And a partial family photograph:


These silly little photographers are always leaving new surprises for me to find!


  1. LOVE the pics - I need to start a folder with C & K pics because since that one time, C is into it, big time. He told me tonight, "the BLACK camera, Mummy" (my BIG one, not the little pink one) and he's actually taking good ones, if a bit "arty"

    Now you - thank you so much for your quesadilla recipe - I made them last night with CHICKPEAS (saw your comment on Heather's blog) and they were just as awesome. Big hit around here - all-round :)

  2. These are great! I hope you'll save a few for them to enjoy one day. :)

    And who knows...what if one of them becomes a famous photographer? You'd definitely want to have an example of their "early work"! HA!

  3. Haha, they did a good job.

    My girls love to take pictures, specially self portraits.

  4. We're actually breaking down and looking at cameras for their birthdays, my ladies just love cameras! They would do great with my phone if the lens wasn't on the back and constantly covered by their little fingers!

  5. Ava does the same thing!!!! :)


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