(Almost) Wordless Wednesday

The girls got to go to their first high school football game on Friday night.  My cousin Lindsey and I took them just before halftime, thinking we would stand outside the fence and let them watch the bands perform.  They were having so much fun, we decided it would be worth it to take them in for a little while.  We called a friend who had two extra season passes, and she met us at the gate.  We stayed for a little over an hour, and the girls loved it!


Of course, the band was their favorite part, and as soon as they finished the halftime show, A & M started asking for them to "sing again!"

The first thing the girls asked when they woke up Saturday morning was, "We go ballgame 'gin soon?"  Yes, baby girls, soon!

A few more random pictures from the last week or so...

Oreo mouth!

Slightly cleaner face

(M loved this baby playmat so much it didn't make it to the yard sale this time...I think I will have to stash it away when she's not looking to get rid of it)


  1. Those pictures are great. Your girls are so cute. God bless them!!!

  2. Aww! This post is bittersweet for me ;) I went to a few HS football games last year (to watch my niece cheer) and couldn't wait to take A&A this year (they started past their bedtime last year!) And now we're FAR away from our home teams :( Maybe we'll make it home in time! LOVED that they enjoyed the marching band... I did that in HS, too ;) Their hair is so long!!

  3. Awww. So sweet.

    And we totally still have a play mat in their room. They use it as mat to sit and read. They still love the box that lights up and sings. Totally got someone's money's worth out of THAT!

  4. love this :) i almost forgot that you have to pay to get into high school football games!!! we can actually hear the drums/halftime show from our house. it always catches me off guard.

    how fun. great pics :)


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