I just had four days off work, and I am pretty sure I would be less tired this morning if I had worked for the last eleven days straight.  That's only a slight exaggeration, by the way.  I generally have a rule against drinking coke before lunch on the weekdays, and I never buy one from the machine at work.  And yet...

Still, it was a pretty great weekend, all things considered.

Friday morning, the girls and I hung out until Jeremy got up to take them to his grandparents for a visit.  We had intended to visit the bakery for some fresh donuts, but A & M were feeling particularly snuggly, so we piled into the rocker in their room to read books and sing songs.  It was a great way to kick off the weekend!  Once Jeremy got up, he took off with the girls to visit his grandparents and take them to his mom's for the weekend.

I spent the rest of Friday hauling boxes loaded down with yard sale items to my aunt's house across town.  It was a long, hot day.  I had to spend part of the afternoon laying inside under the fan after getting too hot outside (I'm a delicate little flower when it comes to the heat, you know).  I had a couple of people ask to come by and look through my baby items Friday night, so I ended up making almost $200 before the yard sale even started.  That's how I like to do business.  : )

Saturday began early and ended late, but it was totally worth it.  I surpassed the basic goal I set for the amount I hoped to earn, and came within $100 of the ultimate dream goal.  Bottom line:  we can either (a) buy a wooden swing set or (b) have a great time on vacation without worrying about what we are spending.  I think we are going with option b...we aren't totally sold on the swing set, but vacation is definitely happening, so in the short term, some of the profit will be spent on vacation.  We won't go all-out-crazy spending money on vacation, but I do plan to visit the outlets in Foley to see what kind of fall/spring deals I can find for the girls (and for me).

AND the extra cash means I can eat all the crab cakes I want at The Original Oyster House without feeling bad about spending too much on dinner! 

The yard sale was officially open for business on Sunday as well, but thanks to Tropical Storm Lee, we had to pack up around noon, meaning we missed the after-church traffic.  Oh well...I was quite ready to pack up by that time anyway; we all were.  We barely beat the downpour, but I got the remnants of the girls' clothes boxed up (into THREE Rubbermaid totes...down from about 15 to start with!), and we loaded everything else up on a trailer to be donated to the Salvation Army.  The girls had come home just before the rain started, and they loved getting to "help" and play in the rain a bit.  I loved seeing my wild girls after two days away...I really missed them this weekend!

I was so thankful yesterday was a holiday and we didn't have to go anywhere, what with the 7-10 inches of rain and all.  I don't know exactly how much we ended up with, but you could have paddled a small canoe through my backyard at one point, so I'd say it was a lot.  Jeremy had to go to work, but the girls and I did not leave the house all day.  After a weekend apart, it was just what we needed.

We stayed in our pajamas, watched Shrek, made brownies, took coloring books out to the front porch, played "hair" (they brushed my hair...not very tenderly, I might add), and made a couch pillow fort.  After a marathon-length nap, we ended the day with a crock pot of potato soup and my mom's cornbread.

Coloring on the porch
Rainy day activities


Pillow fort!

How was your weekend?


  1. wow! that's awesome about the garage sale. i can't even bring myself to tag things for the MOM sale!! i'm so lazy that i even just call the donation company that will pick it up from my front porch!

    ...then again, most of our stuff for the kids so far has been hand me downs! i was just realizing this morning that we were going to have to BUY some clothes so they didn't freeze :)

    adorable pictures. i can't believe how old they look!! glad you had a productive, and then fun, weekend!!

  2. You rocked the garage sale.

    7-10 inches of rain is just ridiculous...I'm over it.

    Love those pics...they're getting so grown up!


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