Just a few things to get off my chest this week....

Dear Netflix,

Oh, how you continue to frustrate me.  Like so many of your customers, I am not happy with your recently announced price changes.  It is increasingly likely that I will be cancelling the DVD portion of my plan next month, as it just doesn't make sense to pay $7.99 per month when we sometimes only get through one or two DVDs a month.  Redbox movies are $1.00 a night, and I can run out to pick one up at 9:00 p.m. on a Tuesday in my pajamas, if I so desire.

I have long been a fan of your instant-streaming movies, as are my kids.  We love having so many children's shows and movies at our fingertips, without having to run out and buy a DVD each time their fickle hearts find a new favorite character.  For this reason, I will likely continue to pay for streaming service.

However, since I and so many others will now be paying a legitimate monthly fee for streaming, could you please, please increase the content of movies and tv shows on your site??  It is beyond frustrating to have a movie in your instant queue, to know it's there and available whenever you get in the mood for it, then to suddenly notice one day that it has disappeared completely.  "This title is not currently available for streaming" is NOT something I enjoy seeing, Netflix.  And the tv shows?  I understand I was late to the party with Veronica Mars, but it's just cruel to let me get halfway through the first amazing season, then yank it away entirely.

It was so nice to end my evening with a couple of episodes of Veronica Mars while folding a bit of laundry.  I was starting to get caught up and get a system in place, but without Veronica Mars, it's all falling apart again.  Do you have any idea what you've done here, Netflix?  I am not happy, not at ALL, and my family is back to digging through laundry baskets for something to wear.

Please remedy this situation, preferably by paying whatever you need to pay to get VM back on my daily playlist.

Unhappy customer in wrinkled clothes

Dear Addison & Mackenzie,

I love that you now wake up almost every single morning with completely dry diapers.  It gives me hope that there won't be too many potty-training accidents.  But sweet children, in order to get potty trained, you have to pee on the potty.  If your diaper is dry after sleeping 12 hours, I KNOW you have to pee.  Your little bladders must be about to burst.  And yet... you either flat-out refuse to go sit on the potty or you sit patiently, producing nothing, until you get a diaper back on, at which point you promptly release 12 hours' worth of pee to fill that diaper to capacity.

I'm not trying to rush this potty-training thing along, girls, as I truly believe that it will be much better for all of us if we wait until you're really ready.  But when you have this much bladder control, I KNOW you can do much more than you're letting on. 

So come on, pee pee on the potty just a few times, and see how it feels.  Pretty please?


Dear Bathroom Scales,

I have noticed a disturbing trend over the last couple of months.  Your numbers are moving...in the wrong direction.  I know you could say this is my fault, for partaking in a few too many Sonic happy hours or Mexican lunch buffets, but a girl's gotta have some fun, right? 

I think if we work together, we can get a grip on this thing and get back to a number we are comfortable with.  Can you please help me out just a bit here?

Thanks for your cooperation,
A Mama who is going to need new pants soon if this doesn't STOP

Your turn!  What do you need to vent about this week?  Go ahead, let it out...you know you want to.


  1. omg. don't get me started. i was so pissed when i got that email. it's going to double our cost!! arg!

  2. LOL now I see why you wanted to say Grrr too.

    your girls have super bladder control - this is going to be very good when you have outings!

  3. The Crazies don't go when they first wake up either...drives.me.crazy.

    We're going to keep paying for Netflix too, but I agree...keep the movies/series that you already have.


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