Home Improvement

So....Pinterest....I kind of love it a little bit.  I have spent hours just clicking around from one thing to the other, gathering ideas and inspiration and dreaming of things I can't afford.  I am the world's worst about starting a project and never finishing, but I am working on a few things, one small step at a time.

Looking around Pinterest can make me long for a different house--usually one with more cute, vintage-style charm--full of fun little nooks, built-in bookcases, and window seats.  While I may not be getting that house anytime soon, I can make some small changes to help me love our current home even more than I do now.

Some of the things on our to-do list:

New countertops in the kitchen.  (This is a MUST and will be done within the next year.)

Paint cabinets white.  (Will probably be done at the same time as the countertops.)

Tile the kitchen and bathrooms.

Get my dad to finish the shelf for the playroom and get it installed.

Move the cedar chest from the playroom and replace it with a twin bed, set up daybed-style with pillows for lounging.

Put up a rain-gutter bookshelf in the playroom to create a little reading corner.

Rearrange the pictures in the living room to fit with the new furniture arrangement.

Create a collage of black-framed photos on the blank wall behind the couch.

Figure out how to manage the toy situation in the living room (suggestions???).

Hang hooks/shelving in the laundry room to catch coats, bags, etc.

Paint my desk white and put it in the kitchen.  Pretty it up with a desk skirt.

And a couple of long-term possibilities:

Install crown molding in the kitchen, then in bedrooms (it's already in the living area and hallway).

Replace the carpet in the bedrooms (new carpet or hardwood?).

Possibly expand the master bedroom and build a new master bath.  (Lots of $$, but we would LOVE a bigger room and bathroom...especially if we are going to be in this house for the long haul.)

Fence the backyard.

Explore the possibilities of a pool...doubtful that it will happen, but you never know!

What's on your to-do list this summer?  Any home-improvement projects?  Are you Pinterest-obsessed yet?


  1. You should visit ana-white.com to get your nooks and cubbie hole projects!

    As for the toy situation, we have a coffee table that has 6 bin slots beneath it. If it doesn't fit, it goes up stairs. They can have toys in the family room and their room, but my living room should look presentable!

    My question: where do you store a wagon? Ours has wooden panels and I can't just leave it out. It's also horribly awkward for my little arms to heave in and out of the house!

  2. if you find a doable solution for the toys, let me in on the secret. I changed the downstairs guest room to a play room, thinking that would take care of the problem, and toys still rule our home.

  3. We desperately need to clean out the laundry room and the garage, the first being the bigger priority. We use it as a mud room, although it's really not designed for that. That means it's a catch-all...with no real space for catching. HA!

    I technically joined Pinterest a few days ago, but I have spent zero time on it. I couldn't get the little "pin it" thingy to go on my toolbar like I think it was supposed to, so I got disillusioned, and haven't been back. :) (I hold grudges like that...HA!)

    I also have my sights set on organizing the guest room a little better so I can set up my scrapbooking stuff in there...and not have to put it up after every little project. That will either be a brilliant move...or a big mess! We'll see. :)

  4. Hello, my name is Ashley... and I'm addicted to Pinterest.

    Also- replace ALL carpet with hardwood. :)

  5. Oh this REALLY makes me wish we were at home doing projects! I love the gratification of doing it yourself! Maybe we'll get a long break this fall/winter and can accomplish some things that we've been putting off until the girls were a little more "independent" :) Good luck! Can't wait to see some of your photos - I'm requesting some before AND after pics, please!


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