Funnies and Father's Day

As I mentioned, Addison and Mackenzie are pretty hilarious lately.  Their vocabulary is expanding  daily, and I think I am going to have to start carrying a notebook to record all the cuteness that comes out of their mouths.

Last week, Jeremy and I were discussing whether or not we were going to Vacation Bible School on Friday night.  I was calling it "VBS" so the girls wouldn't know what we were talking about.  Mackenzie picked up on some of the conversation and started saying, " I want to go to VBS!"...only it was coming out, "I want to go to baby's @ss!"  Jeremy and I lost it, and had her repeat it about 40 times.  Yep, we are totally mature parents.

Addison is on a "don't like it" kick.  Anything she doesn't want, she "doesn't like".  And now, this week, it's us she doesn't like.  A few nights ago, she didn't want Jeremy snuggling on her, so she said, "Don't touch me, daddy."  Is she a teenager already?!  Yesterday, when I called from work, J. asked the girls if they wanted to talk to me and Addison said no.  He asked why, and she responded, "I don't like her."  It's hard to have hurt feelings when she sounds so adorable saying it.

Yesterday afternoon I asked the girls if they were ready to go back to school and see Ms. Hope, their teacher.  Addison, of course, responded, "No, I don't like her."  Two minutes later, I asked who they liked to play with most at school.  Addison says, "Ms. Hope!"  Sure, kid, I enjoy hanging out with people I don't like too.

Sunday, while riding in the car, J. and I were having talking about Mother's Day/Father's Day/birthday gifts, which we chose to skip this year.  I might have been complaining a little though, saying that a nice little thoughtful surprise would have been nice.  (Am I right, ladies?  Even if we don't want a gift per say, a small token of affection is not necessarily off the table?)  Mackenzie pipes up from the backseat, demanding something.  After a couple of repeats, I finally understood what she was saying...Mackenzie wanted a thoughtful surprise.  How cute is that?!

More and more often, when I am on the phone or telling a story, I am catching both girls repeating entire conversations very softly just a beat or two behind me.  Not missing a word.  I don't have much of a dirty mouth, but I am definitely making an effort to double-check a few phrases here and there!


What kind of blogger/mother/wife would I be if I let Father's Day pass without a shout-out to my husband and babies' daddy?   We are pretty low-key on the gifts/holidays around here, but we know how very lucky we are to have this guy in our lives:

happy father's day!

Thank you, Jeremy, for all you do for our girls.  They love your silly games, tickles, snuggles, hugs, and kisses.  I love that you willingly and gladly share the parenting load with me.  There is no one I'd rather be sharing this adventure with!

We love you very, very much!

A Silly One


  1. That's hilarious!! =) Kids say the cutest things.
    So lucky to have such family men huh? <3

  2. Awww! So cute! I think on the girls saying no or "I don't like that" is that it's their way of starting to show they have a say in what they do, even if they disagree with what they are really saying. I think it's so cute when our boys start getting into the negative. "Let's change your diaper!" "Noooooo" (with a violent head shake). Too funny.


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