Birthday Ramblings

Taking a cue from my friend MandyE, I decided to share a little bit about ME on this, my 29th birthday...

My family didn't make a huge deal out of birthdays, though I do remember having a party each year.  The most memorable ones are an early birthday party at McDonald's, back when they provided a cake, party hats, etc. (which must have been at least 25-26 years ago!) and the slumber parties that started around age 9 or 10 and lasted through junior high school and early high school.  Oh, those parties were so much fun, but so full of girly-drama.  Can you imagine the drama that will be involved with TWO girls sharing the spotlight?

We still don't make a very big deal out of birthdays (except for the girls, of course!), but I always get a good gift from my mother-in-law.  She's a very good gift-giver. 

Tonight, the girls are going to spend the night with NiNi again and Jeremy and I are going to dinner and a movie.  I feel a little bad about sending A & M off again, since we just got back a week ago, but I asked them last night if they wanted to go with mama and daddy or go to NiNi's house.  They enthusiastically answered "NiNi's house!", so I'm not spending too much time feeling guilty about it.

Since they are spending the night away, I plan to get up and go to yard sales in the morning.  I love to "yard-sale" (bet ya didn't know that was a verb too, huh?) and go to thrift stores, but it's hard to scour for bargains with two little helpers along.  And it's really hard to drag them out of carseats at every yard sale when there may not be anything of interest at all, so I plan to take full advantage of the morning alone.

Later on this weekend, I will probably treat myself to the new Sookie Stackhouse book for my birthday.  I have been slightly obsessed with these books, flying through all ten in less than three weeks, but they are light and entertaining...the perfect summer reads.  I am thinking True Blood, the HBO series based on the books, will be on my summer to-watch list.  I enjoy catching up with a series I have missed over the summer when there's nothing else on.

Now, tell me...what are you reading/watching this summer?  Anyone else share my Sookie love?  How are birthdays handled in your family?  Do you remember a favorite birthday?


  1. Happy, happy birthday to you, Deanna!!! I hope you enjoy your dinner date, AND your yard-saling tomorrow (before I scrolled down to see the next line of your post, I thought to myself, "I love a girl that uses that as a verb!" HA!!!)

    It's interesting to think back to birthdays when I was growing up. Sadly, I can't seem to remember many specifics. My birthday is in February, so it was always cold. I know I had several skating parties, and I also remember going to Hardee's (the only other fast food place, outside of Jack's for a long, long time in my hometown!) once upon a time. That wasn't pleasant, though, because I remember some kids started acting up, stepping on ketchup packets, and my mom had to get on to them...HA! As I'm thinking about it, for some reason I seem to remember my friends' parties better than mine...weird!

    Enjoy your weekend!!!

  2. Deanna, happy birthday!!!

    Hope you had a fun morning yard-saling (I thought the same as MandyE - I love making everything verbs :)) and that you got some good stuff that won't just clutter up your home :)

    I finished that book last night and will try continue a Richard NOrth Patterson. It was not grabbing me but I'll try again, otherwise, some Christian fiction or chick lit.

    My parents didn't make too big a deal out of birthdays - we always got money (I don't think my mother likes buying gifts) and got sang to when we woke but I can't remember a party after aged 4.

    My favourite gift ever was for my 9th birthday when my dad bought me a radio/ tape player (I'm dating myself here) - it was the best thing ever!

    Hmmm, maybe that's why I like to celebrate EVERYTHING?!

  3. I'm a huge lover of Sookie Stackhouse books! Sounds like a great birthday plan! It's great getting to eat in a restaurant without taking care of any kids, LOL!

  4. Hi, New follower from Multiples and More, Happy Birthday!!


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