Nightly Refrain

A snippet of some of the recent bathtime conversation in our house...caution, you may be exhausted just reading it!


---Sit down!  Keep the water inside the tub.

---Addison, do NOT pull your sissy's hair.  It hurts.

---Mackenzie, YOU can't pull sissy's hair either.  Didn't it hurt when she pulled yours?

---Tell sissy you're sorry.

---Do NOT hit.  [Usually playful hitting, but still...]

---We do NOT bite mama.

---Water stays in the tub.  STOP SPLASHING.

---Do NOT bite your sister.  Where did you learn biting?  Does someone at school bite?
          ---Their response?  "Aly!"  [This is also the response when I ask, "Who is your best
          ---For the record, no one in their classroom, including A & M has been bitten as far as I
             know.  They aren't actually biting each other, but are pretending to try it.  I think they are
             testing the limits to see if I will let them get away with it.

---Thank you for your help, but I can handle washing sissy's hair all by myself.

---Please don't pour water on sissy's head; soap will get in her eyes and it will hurt.

---[Cough, cough, sputter...]

---Are you okay?  It's not too smart to pour water on your own face, either.  [I might be a little
   unsympathetic by this point in the evening.]

---Who's ready to get out?

---A & M:  "Play!"

---You have to get out if you want to watch tv before bed.  What are we watching tonight?

---A & M, while simultaneously trying to scramble out of the tub:  "Woody!  New one!  Blue's
   Clues!  Choo-Chooooo!"  Then they agree:  "Woody!  New one!"--meaning Toy Story 3, of
   course.  It's the current obsession.

---Addison, potties are for pee-peeing, not for standing in.

---Get out of that cabinet!  [Mental note:  Buy child locks for bathroom cabinet.]

---Put that potty down.  It does not belong on your head!

---Get over here so mama can put lotion on you.

---Leave your diaper on!!

---Oh, Mackenzie's gone to night-night...  [As she pretends to go to sleep on the towel in the floor]

---Do not stand in the potty!!

---Yes, I will put some booty cream on you...but do not put your hands in it!  [Diaper rash
   cream...they love it]

---Addison, which pajamas do you want to wear tonight?

---Mackenzie, leave your diaper ON!!

---Okay, all done with bath and jammies.  Let's go get milk and watch Woody!

---A & M:  "Teeth, brush!  Teeth, brush!"

---Oh, we're already out of the bathroom and we're all dry...we'll skip it just this once.

---A & M:  Bordering tears, "Teeth!  Brush!  Teeth!  Brush!"



  1. Bwhahahahaha! I'm not alone!!!!!

    Careful with the child locks, our bathroom cabinet doors are really thick and when we put the locks on we can barely squeeze our fingers in to open it.

  2. Sounds very similar over here except X 2 because we do ours separately.

  3. Sounds familiar! What is up with the diaper rash cream? Ava loves it too. :)


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