Bunny Foo Foo

We had a wonderful Easter weekend, though it was packed just about as full as it could get!  I left work at lunch on Friday, and Jeremy and I went to finalize our decision on new living room furniture.  We got that done and came home to meet my best friend Kelly and her family, who stopped by for an afternoon visit while they were in town.

The county fair is in town this week and Jeremy and I had planned to take the girls Friday night.  Kelly, Justin, Wyatt, and Brenna decided to tag along, and my sister (who was home from college for Easter) and my mom met us there.  It was fun to experience a fair with my best friend and our children, after all the fair trips she and I have had over the years.  After we got tickets for the kiddos and once we were pretty sure Jeremy wasn't actually going to have a heart attack over the cost, we got the Three Musketeers settled for their first ride.  They were happily playing with the steering wheels, shouting "Ride!", until Wyatt hit the button for the horn and this happened:


And just like that, Addison was DONE.  Mackenzie got upset seeing Addison so upset, so Wyatt took the first ride alone.  Luckily, he didn't mind.  Mackenzie got on the next ride and ended up having a really good time riding the cars over and over, but Addison was having none of it.  She did eventually go down the massive slide--where I got my workout in for the week by carrying each child up the steps over and over--and rode the carousel a few times before we left.  We didn't leave the fair until 9:00, and A & M didn't go to bed until 10:00 pm!!  We are getting crazy around here, I tell you.


Saturday morning, Addison was up first, so she and I went with my mom and sister to check out the yard sales in town.  We didn't find anything noteworthy, so we did the next best thing...we picked up Jeremy and Mackenzie and went out for breakfast!  The girls thought it was funny that they got to wear their "jammies" to breakfast.

Breakfast in PJs



I may or may not have let them run up and down the ramp in a local store while we waited for the others to shop.  And Addison may or may not have had one of her falling-in-the-floor fits when it was time to leave.

The busy morning combined with the late night at the fair meant we ALL needed a nap, so we had to skip the Easter egg hunt at church.  After a glorious nap, we headed over to the campground where Jeremy's family spends their summers for an egg hunt and dinner.  I think I got some really cute pictures of the girls hunting eggs, but unfortunately, I left my good camera there so I don't have them yet.  We had a great time hanging out with family, and the girls had a great time eating chocolate from their Easter baskets.  They each got a new stuffed bunny, which we promptly named Bunny Foo Foos, and they have been attached to those bunnies all weekend.

Sunday was church and lunch at my mom's.  We attempted to get a couple of quick pictures with the girls after church, but they were not in the mood...which is just as well, since I didn't have my good camera anyway.

Happy Easter



By the way, the dress I wore for Easter is the dress I decided to wear to the wedding next weekend.  I bought it recently at a local shop that carries lots of unique items, and I realized it would be just right for the wedding.  I asked Jeremy to take a full-length picture so I could tell if I liked the shoes I had on or not, and this is what I got:


I guess he did get the shoes in there, which is what I asked for, right?

P.S.  We are taking a beating from Mother Nature here today, with round after round of tornadoes and strong thunderstorms...I would appreciate any prayers for safety today!

P.P.S.  Anyone else have a touch of Royal Wedding Fever???


  1. I am so laughing at that picture of your dress and shoes (although, oddly, not YOU!)! :) I do love the dress, though.

    Too cute that your girls got to wear their jammies to breakfast...I love it.

    And on a Little Bunny Foo-Foo note...I sang that song to the girls when they were younger, probably up until 14 months or so. Then I started thinking about not really liking the message, so I quit.

    It was a good six months later when one of them belted out "Little Bunny Foo-Foo!" in her song voice! HA! So now it's back in the rotation, although we do say, "...bumping on the head" (instead of "bopping"). And the bunny has to go to Time Out (instead of be turned into a goon)!

    Hoping you all stay safe today during the storms!!! It's supposed to be pretty nasty here, too, but I think the worst of it is in your area.

  2. They are so adorable!! =) That first picture cracks me up lol. Reminds me of mine. =)

  3. So glad you had a wonderful Easter weekend with family.

  4. Love all of those pictures...you really caught some "moments."

    Love that dress too! Nice skills by your husband.

    I'm not into the Royal Wedding AT ALL and if it interrupts my regularly scheduled programming, I may have a nervous breakdown...dramatic enough for you?

  5. Awesome dress! Glad everyone had a great easter. Our first rides this Easter were amazing, I thought for sure our girls would geek out!

    Thanks for sharing, but you could have totally kept these storms! They are pretty bad and my back yard is a mess. Hoping every stays safe! We don't usually have tornado, well warnings, and seeing all this destruction is a bit unnerving!

    Oh, the royal wedding, WAAAAAAY to much hype!


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