We're Baaaaaack

While our second beach vacation with the girls went significantly better than the last one, Jeremy and I agreed that next year we will strongly consider the possibility of leaving Addison & Mackenzie with family while we go on a peaceful, relaxing vacation!

In all actuality, most of it was a pretty fun, stress-free week.  I took a break from technology--I checked my email only twice during the week, and probably used the computer less than an hour total.  I think that break helped me relax and slow my pace down quite a bit. 


We kicked off vacation week with the Braves game last Saturday, along with my sister and her boyfriend.  The girls sat that one out, and instead spent the day at the lake with Jeremy's family.  Because we got home so late, they spent the night at my mom's, which allowed me to sleep in until a glorious 10:00 am. 

At the game

The Braves lost the game, but we had fun anyway.  We had great seats, with lots of foul-ball action to keep things exciting.

My sissy & me

We spent the rest of Sunday packing for the beach.  We decided to drive overnight again, since it worked out pretty well last year.  When I got up in the middle of the night to take a shower and get ready to leave, Addison was burning up with a fever.  Naturally, right?  I knew she had been a little out of sorts in the afternoon, but she didn't seem to feel really bad, so we dosed her up on tylenol and prayed for the best.

Addison hanging out

She didn't feel great the first day or so, but we kept giving her medicine to keep the fever down and she recovered by the second day.  We all know what happens when one twin gets sick, though, right?  Of course Mackenzie got a fever the next day.  Luckily, she never seemed to feel bad at all and it went away pretty quickly.

The first day, we shopped awhile until we were able to check into our condo (remember, we left in the middle of the night, so we arrived around 9:00 am).  The girls were really good, even though they don't usually have a lot of patience for shopping.  They did get to try their first taste of a Starbucks frappucino, so maybe that helped a little...

First taste of Starbucks

Our condo was super nice, with several pools, a lazy river, and the most peaceful beach and bay views.  (No signs of any oil present in the area yet, if you're wondering...but just knowing that it's most likely headed that way makes me so sad.) 

Family Picture

LJ and Mackenzie

We spent lots of time in the pools, and by the second day, the girls were beginning to enjoy it a little more.  They would not let go of us in the water, but they really had fun toddling around our lounge chairs and watching all the people.

Ready to swim
Are they not the cutest things EVER in those little swimsuits??  (I'm only a little biased.)


LJ and Addison

Thanks to an awesome Auntie LJ and her friends, Jeremy and I got to go out to dinner ALONE.  Three nights in a row.  I know, you're totally jealous, right?  : )  It was so, so nice.  (Thanks again, Auntie LJ, Lacie, and Corey!)  We would put the girls to bed around their normal time, then head out for dinner ourselves.  Those were easily the most peaceful meals we've shared in many, many months.


Love those thick, dark storm clouds hanging over the water.

We ventured over to the beach on the morning of the second day. Our condo provided a little trolley over to the beach, which was practically deserted at such an early hour. Addison fell asleep on the trolley ride over, so this was the extent of her beach experience:

party animal

Mackenzie was, well, less than thrilled with the feel of the sand.  More specifically, she hated it.  The ocean didn't go over much better.

On the beach

Mackenzie & Daddy

 By the end of the third day, things started to break down a little.  The girls' tolerance and happy moods began to wear a little thin, as did our patience.  We had an awful time getting an over-tired Addison to sleep that night, and we realized they were getting ready for home and their own beds. 

Drama Face

We made it through one more day, but by the afternoon on Thursday, we decided it wasn't worth fighting them to get one more day of vacation.  I had been to the most important of my work meetings, so at bedtime on Thursday, we packed up and headed for home. 

The trip home was smooth, with the exception of a little crying from Addison in the beginning and a little roadwork toward the end.  We got home around 2:00 am, and we all slept soundly for the rest of the night, glad to be in our own beds. 

Lunch at The Hangout


It was fun getting to watch the girls experience some new things (and getting some adult dinners in good restaurants!), but wow...vacations with little ones are a LOT of work.  I did enjoy being away from the everyday pressures of home and work, and like I said, I enjoyed forcing myself to take a break from technology and social media.  I also read an entire book and started a second (LOVE the Kindle...it was especially convenient on the trip)!

Seriously, though, next year, I think Jeremy and I might go alone.


  1. I'm glad you're BAAAAAAAAAACK :)

    beautiful pics of a beautiful family.

    And yes, the swimsuit pics are the cutest (I also love that chair!) and thanks for putting the pics of the grey skies (just for me LOL).

    It's hard with babies!

    I'd love to know how you transitioned your babies to sippy cups.

  2. Yes, vacation with little ones is rough! Last year we packed up the whole house so I could have my first family vacation...it rained, and one got sick! We came home 3 days early. :( This year, me and hubby went away for 2 days alone...
    Your girls are beautiful...I love seeing pictures of them. :)

  3. I agree, vacation with little ones are rough. We venture on mini vacation two years ago and don't work very good specially at night. But, I want to try again soon because they are "older".

    Love the pics,they look adorable with their swimsuit.

  4. How fun! I can't wait to take my girls to the beach someday (hopefully soon!) My hubby is a HUGE Braves fan and we're hoping to take the girls to a game when they play the Astros nearby.

  5. Your girls are so precious. We are headed to FL in June and praying the oil will stay away long enough, that oil spill is so very sad, breaks my heart. I am glad you had such a fun trip. Wish us luck with our 21 month old at the beach, we are going to need it!!

  6. Looks like a great trip! I took a roadtrip recently to the keys with my three... which prompted me to decide that we will not be doing anymore travelling in the near future:) It was fun... but so exhausting!
    great pictures!

  7. Awesome pics! Glad to hear you had fun. We've only gone for weekends on vacations with "the boys". This August we're going to the Outer Banks, NC for a week to stay at a house with friends. We'll see how that goes. I'm sure by the end, we'll all be glad to come home.

  8. Love your vacation pictures! Looks like you all had a great time!

  9. Welcome back!

    Such lovely pics! I love the one of your girls in their swimsuits on that divine armchair!

    We are off to the coast on holiday in June for 2 weeks and we're taking our nanny with!!! We went to Cape Town (2 hour flight south, on the coast) in December and it was no fun...we didn't stop for one minute and felt like we needed a holiday to get over our holiday when we returned!

    x x x x


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