For a Good Cause

Have y'all heard of that new little piece of technology known as the iPad?  I don't profess to know much about the latest technology trends (after all, I refuse to even upgrade to a cell phone I can get email on), but I have to admit, the iPad looks pretty fun.  I sure wouldn't turn one down if it was offered to me!

If you feel the same, you should head over to Melissa's blog and enter her Great Big Giveaway.  For a donation of just $5.00, you can get a chance to WIN an iPad, or some other fun items.  Ten dollars gets you three chances to win!

The best part?  This isn't a just-for-fun or promotional giveaway.  This is a giveaway to raise funds for a wonderful and amazing purpose.  Melissa and her husband Nathan adopted their son Iliya from Russia in 2007, and now they are ready to add to their family through a second adoption.  (You can find their story from the beginning on her original blog...it's a good read!) 

So if you're feeling lucky, and you can spare a few extra bucks, click on over to the Giveaway page and help them bring a waiting child into a wonderful family. 

And if you win the iPad, feel free to send me a thank-you gift for referring you there!  Kidding, kidding....  : )

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