Wishlist Wednesday

I saw "Wishlist Wednesdays" on another blog a couple of weeks ago, and I like the idea. I don't see the link up this week, but I'm playing anyway! : )
The first thing on my wishlist this week is the big one... I really, really want an SUV again. Specifically, a Honda Pilot at the moment. Isn't it pretty? With the commute I have right now (45 minutes each way), an SUV would break the bank in gas. BUT, hopefully we will be moving sometime in the next couple of months-which could be the subject of a whole new wishlist-and maybe I will be able to get my dream car then. At least a nice used version. : )

The second thing on my list is a really great pair (or two pairs) of boots for fall. It's been a few years since I have invested in new boots, so I will probably get some this year. Although it probably won't be these, it might be a slightly less expensive comparable version.

The last thing on my wishlist this week is not this watch, although it is quite a nice watch, huh? What I'm really wanting is more TIME. Time with my girls, time with my husband, time to cook more meals for my family like the one we had on Monday, and just a little more time for ME...to watch tv, read a book, take a nap, just do some of the things I took for granted in the days before April 2. Don't get me wrong-I love my life right now, no question...it would just be nice to have an extra hour or two some days. If only I could go without sleep, I would have so much extra time!! : ) I really shouldn't complain much in that department though. The past two weeks or so, the babies have been going to bed at 8:00 and sleeping until at least 5:30, sometimes 6:00. The early bedtime is good because it gives me some time to unwind, but it also cuts into my playtime with them in the evenings. Yet another issue that will be better when we move!!

Okay, so maybe one more "wish" for this week: I've been following the blog of a sweet family from Alabama for a few months now. Brittany, the mom, was in Washington DC for work back in March when her water broke only 24 weeks into her pregnancy. She was unable to leave the hospital there in DC after that time. A few weeks later, her baby boy Gaines was born. He was kept in the hospital up there for a few months, but finally got to be transferred to Montgomery several weeks ago. Finally, after a long, difficult journey, it looks like little Gaines will be coming home this weekend!! So my final wish is that you will join me in praying for a smooth transition and a happy homecoming for this family. I am sure they will take all the extra prayers they can get. : )


  1. I have a Pilot and LOVE it!!! I recommend getting one :-) Mine is currently decked out in a bama sticker and a huge "A" magnet! Roll Tide!!

  2. Hi Deanne, Thanks for the note - your girls are beautiful! I just read through a few of your posts and it is so funny that we are living parallel lives...from reminiscing "this time last year" to babies rolling and eating. I'll keep checking back with you especially b/c I 100% know exactly what you are going through ;-)

  3. Darn I thought you were hosting a giveaway LOL! I would love all 3 of these things as well.


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