Five Months

5 Months

Five months for my baby girls is full of:

-huge grins (I just love seeing those little gums!)

-giggles and belly laughs

-Mama & Daddy doing ridiculous faces, voices, etc. to entice those grins and giggles

-wide-open mouths and flailing arms when a bottle is in sight (fun game for Mama)

-Baby Einstein DVD before baths

-baby food (current favorite: bananas!)


-yelling, from Addison

-reaching for toys and pulling them straight to the mouth

-sleep-about 9 hours a night and roughly 4 hours of naps a day (praise the Lord!)

-trying so hard to sit up

-not wanting to lay down for fear of missing what's going on elsewhere

-occasional attempts at rolling over

-the pacifier game (they pull the pacifier out and spend 30 minutes or so trying to work it back in their mouths...getting it in right about 25% of the time...my favorite is when they put it back in upside down, but suck on it anyway and look so proud about it)

Five months of new adventures, amazing discoveries, memorable moments, and above all else... five months full of LOVE like we've never known before.

Here's to a million more months.




  1. Deanna, they're so gorgeous. I told my hubby about your girls sleeping for 9 hours and he is incredulous. We want to know your secrets because clearly you're doing something the rest of the mothers are not :)

  2. Beautiful! They are absolutely adorable!!!!


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