I was trying to be neutral, but....

Okay, so the writers' strike has been going on for about 5 weeks or so now, I think, and until now, I haven't really paid extremely close attention. A few weeks ago, Entertainment Weekly printed a timeline showing how many new episodes of popular shows were remaining (meaning the shows that were scripted before the strike went into effect). I noticed a only meager few episodes of favorites such as Grey's Anatomy, Desperate Housewives, and Brothers & Sisters were remaining. That got me thinking about what an impact the strike could (would) actually have on tv watchers, but it was not until this past week that the reality of the predicament hit me. I am left to ponder what might happen on all three of the aforementioned shows, without a clue as to when episodes might resume. Don't get me wrong...I know the wait for new television is not really all that big of a deal, and there are much more important things happening in the world at this very moment. But for me, a person who enjoys nothing more than unwinding with a well-written and well-performed episode of a favorite tv show, it's definitely high on my list of current complaints. Worse still, reps for the studios and executives apparently walked out of negotiation talks this weekend, leaving us with absolutely no end in sight.

No longer will I reserve my judgment as to who's in the right or who should cave to the other's demands...for the sake of great television (and movies, too!), give the writers what they want! I think they have proved their point; without writers, television studios are left to create even more senseless, brain-numbing reality shows, and we most certainly don't need anymore of those. (Can you tell I think most reality tv is contributing to the downfall of American popular culture?? Just my opinion...) From what I have read, the Writer's Guild of America is holding out for a bigger stake in the profits of DVDs, downloads, etc. (all of which are getting larger thanks to changing media capabilities). The writers have proven they are the backbone of the industry, and without them everything comes to a standstill. Just give them the profit they deserve. Please?? Until then, I guess I will be forced to catch up on my tv on DVD.

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