Lucky Seven

Last week, Jeremy and I celebrated seven years of marriage.  I can't help but think how very young we were seven years ago, and even more so eleven years ago when we started dating.  We have been through so much together--though, thankfully not nearly as much as some people we know--and we have done a lot of growing up together.

Just look at us!  We were babies.  This picture was taken on our first Christmas together, in 2002.
When we married, neither of us knew much about keeping a house, beyond the very basics, and the meals cooked in our kitchen were few and far between.  We managed to keep ourselves clothed, clean, and fed, but it felt like a struggle at times.  I contrast that to now, when we work as a decent team to keep our household going.  We manage to get dinner on the table every night, and not only take care of ourselves, but of two little people as well.  (We still have some things to work on in the housekeeping department...it seems this may very well be a lifelong struggle of ours!)  When I have to be away from home, I have absolutely no doubt that Jeremy will keep things running and take excellent care of the girls without batting an eye (and vice versa, of course).  That fact alone tells me how far we have come. 

And one from this year, for comparison.
Seven years feels like a long time...you know, "seven-year itch" and all that jazz.  But really, I feel more settled, more complete, more satisfied than ever.  I think J and I consistently act more and more like a team, a united front, and I love that I have such a fantastic partner to experience this life with me.

I love that instead of a fancy vacation and expensive gifts, we took a short anniversary trip to Atlanta and took in two Braves games.  We keep it simple around here, and that's the way we are both happiest.  I love the life, the family, and the home that we have built, that we continue to build, and I look forward to so many more good things to come in our future.

Happy anniversary, my love!  You're my best good buddy, and I'm still thankful you're mine. 


  1. So very sweet, Deanna! Happy Anniversary to you two! I've only been around you (in person) for such a short time, but I witnessed what a special couple -- and a special family! -- you are. :) :)

    Hugs to you all!!!

  2. yea. happy anniversary!! :) you guys STILL look like babies! but soo soooo happy!


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