The State of Affairs: May 2013

How on earth can it possibly be JUNE already?  It seems like May absolutely flew by, but looking back at everything we did during the month, I shouldn't be all that surprised that it passed so quickly.

A sampling of the things we did this month:

  • Jeremy and I went to Nashville with friends and ran the 5k Foam Fest.

  • I went to a work meeting in Prattville and spent the night in a hotel room ALL TO MYSELF.  It was pretty glorious.  Plus, I got to eat at a few different restaurants with two work buddies.  It was a nice little getaway for the middle of the week.

  • Jeremy, my sister, and I went to our first Braves game of the year.
Gotta throw the husband in for good measure #lovehimtoo

We take a lot of selfies when we're together #sisters #loveher

  • We surprised the girls with a trip to see Disney on Ice.  They LOVED it.  It helped that it was the princess-themed show, so they were familiar with most of the stories.  We let them wear their princess dresses, which added a touch of fancy to the occasion.
A surprise trip to Disney on Ice!
  • After Disney on Ice, we went to dinner to celebrate Jeremy's birthday.  We ate at one of our favorite restaurants, but it felt a little more special because we actually remembered to make a reservation this time.  (Making dinner reservations is something we have done only very rarely, so it still makes me feel all grown up and stuff!)

  • At the end of the month, J and I surprised the girls (again!) with a return trip to our favorite amusement park.  We told them that morning that we were going somewhere fun, but told them no more than that.  They were surprisingly okay with our keeping it a secret and didn't really ask for many details.  When we pulled in the parking lot and asked if they knew where we were, Mackenzie said, "No, but I see a fair over there that looks like fun!"  Ha!
It's a beautiful day at Lake Winnie!

These three love the Tilt a Whirl. None for me, thanks!

We had an absolutely fantastic day once again, and my little daredevils were up for any ride we let them get on, including the ferris wheel, the sky lift, and the tilt-a-whirl (!!).  They may be little roller-coaster fans like their daddy...this mama will happily watch from the ground, thankyouverymuch.

  • Finally, we wrapped up the month with the year's first trip to Huntsville's Thursday evening Farmer's Market.  There is music, food, lots of people, and of course, free samples.  Win!
Fun at the Greene Street Market this evening

Books Read:  3.5

I finished the second half of A Dual Inheritance from April.  Excellent book!  Reviewed here. 

The Silver Star--This one is by Jeannette Walls, who I've heard wrote a fantastic memoir.  This was fiction, but with somewhat of a dark undertone.

 Eleanor & Park--Oh, you guys...please read this book.  I loved it; every single stinkin' word.

Flora--All the action was concentrated in the last 15% of the book.  The rest was pretty slow at times.  

A & M had their four-year doctor visit at the beginning of May.  All is well with my petite little girls (both were 29 lbs. and 37 1/2 inches tall).  They had to get four shots each, which was pretty miserable.  Addison cried for her sister before she even took her own turn.  As soon as she was done, Mackenzie declared, through her tears, "I am NEVER doing that again!"  Luckily, she doesn't have to for a very long time. 

When J and I were in Nashville, the girls spent their first night with someone other than grandparents.  They stayed the night with our cousin Lindsey and had a blast.  Lindsey has a waterbed, which A & M have long thought is the coolest thing ever, and they finally got the chance to sleep in it...along with the two dogs (poor Lindsey nearly smothered with all that body heat!).  They all stayed up far too late watching movies, then slept until 10:30 the next morning!

Jeremy turned 31 on May 22, and my sister was home for a nice long visit before heading to Tampa for the summer.  All in all, May was a pretty great month.


  1. yea! love these posts. i love how you said that they added a little fancy by wearing the princess dresses. M wears hers all of the time and thinks it is the greatest thing ever! :)

    did you read the dinner? I can't remember. i'm currently reading americanah and have to finish that...but just got the library notice that the dinner is ready to pick up. trying to decide if it is worth it to try to read two (or four) books at once :)

  2. I love those little dresses (the last pic) - sweet little girls!

    poor thing with the shots - sounds like something Kendra would say :)


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