Saturday Snapshot: {Team} Colors

Here in the South, we have been waiting for this day for approximately eight months.  The trash talk is flying and all across the region, team colors are making their fall debut.  It's college football time, friends!

Jeremy and I are traveling to Atlanta to watch his team today, and though I can't bring myself to cheer very loudly in support of the enemy, it's impossible not to relish the excitement in the air.  And yes, this does make the second game I have attended with him in 2012 (we went to the Chick-Fil-A bowl in January)...meaning it is most definitely my turn next!

Just this morning, I finished the skirt part of the girls' football outfits for this year.  I still have to do the shirts to match, but I can't wait to see my little fans in their team colors.



And because it's not ALL about football, I've been working on another project for our favorite little man.  It was my first attempt at doing small letters to fit a whole name on a shirt, and I'm pretty happy with the way it turned out.  I love the way the stripes stand out against the blue shirt:


I'm linking up with Marcia and Mandy for Saturday Snapshots today.  Be sure to check out the other posts and watch for more themes on Saturdays during the month of September!


  1. I love your interpretation of COLOUR!

    It must get quite heated in your house???

    Love the skirts - you are getting soooo good. And Wyatt's t-shirt is just gorgeous.

  2. Enjoy the game. Love the team colors :)

  3. Oh I love it! You southerner's and this game, I'll never understand it! Haha!

    That shirt is totally adorable. I'm glad you're enjoying your sewing machine!

  4. Those skirts are awesome! Especially the CRIMSON one! ;)

    And that shirt is fantastic, too! Did you do that on your machine? I'm have zero knowledge of sewing...but I don't think I've ever seen a blanket stitch on a sewing machine. It looks great!

    Hope you had fun at the game! We had a fantastic time watching the Tide ROLL in Sweet Home Alabama (at my dad's house) this weekend. Jeremy definitely owes you a trip to a Bama game next! ;)

  5. oh man. i love these. you seriously make me want to learn to use my sewing machine!!!

  6. So cute!!!! I am interested how you did Wyatt's shirt??
    Can you give me details?


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