Monday and I have love-hate relationship.  On the one hand, it's Monday and ughhh, five long days until the weekend.  On the other hand, every Monday is a kind of a little gift in itself--a new week and a fresh slate.  Each Monday is a chance to make this week different from the last.  This week I will be productive, and finally catch up on at least one of the perpetual projects hanging over my head.

I started off with a very optimistic attitude this morning.  After rushing around non-stop last week, this one promises to be much calmer.  Vacation Bible School is over and Thursday was the last of the MDO summer session.  So basically, we have nothing at all going on this week, and I'm looking forward to it.  (Plus A & M are spending the night with Jeremy's parents on Tuesday night, giving me a glorious evening in a totally empty house!)

I have a few things in mind I would like to accomplish this week:
--Catch up on work early in the week and eradicate the stacks of files on my desk
--Get back on track with eating at home/eating more balanced meals after indulging a little too much this weekend; make another batch of crockpot black beans
--Catch up on laundry and perhaps find the bottom of our overstuffed clothes basket
--Get a little exercise, either yoga or jogging, at least once or twice this week
--Make at least a small dent in the clutter taking over this house

Sounds do-able, right?

Fast forward to 6:00 this evening when Addison & Mackenzie were bouncing off the walls, despite not having a nap today, and completely ignoring everything I said.  I was yelling way too much and still being totally ignored and my zen-like attitude was long gone.  Nothing I did or said (yelled) was having any effect on the girls and when I spanked Mackenzie's leg (for playing in the liquid soap after she got out of the bath), she laughed at me.  LAUGHED. 

I really, truly love age three, but some days the glimpses of the attitude and strong will in these girls terrifies me.  I feel like all I have done lately is yell, discipline, and explain how important it is that they learn to listen to Jeremy and me.  I've even pulled out the Jesus card--as in, "It makes Jesus really happy to see you respecting mama & daddy and doing what we ask you to do."  All to practically no avail.

Ah well, such is this parenting thing, I guess?  I imagine I will continue to yell and be ignored on a regular basis for at least the next seventeen years or so. 

We ended on a much calmer note, and the girls passed out cold on the couch at 7:55.  There is an upside to days without naps.  : )

My to-do list for the night has been reduced to the following:
--Publish this blog
--Fold one basket of laundry
--Watch Friday Night Lights and/or read in bed until I pass out myself

Sometimes adjustments have to be made for the sake of a mama's sanity!

How was your Monday?


  1. "sometimes adjustments have to be made for the sdake of Mom's sanity."

    AMEN sister.

    I agree 3 is a great age too - but the strong-willedness really does begin to rear its head :)

  2. It's just one of those days. I know how frustrating it is to catch yourself yelling more than you like. But I think every mama has those days. And if someone says they don't, well pretty sure they are full of poop.

    But I do recommend fitting in time for exercise. I find I am so much more patient when I have run.

  3. Don't feel alone. I feel the same way. Just the other night she got 2 spankings in one night for not listening. :( I am ready for this phase to pass.

  4. We had some difficults days and of course I want to run.

  5. I am so proud of you for getting out there and jogging! I promise you that it will help for mental clarity! I truly believe that running is making me a better mommy.


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