Confessions: Christmas Style

I tend to buy more things for myself at Christmas than at any other time of the year.  I think it's because I'm already in the "spending money" frame of mind...combine that with the holiday sales happening at every turn, and I am powerless to resist.  A few dollars here and there can add up after awhile.  Oops!

I have no idea what to get the girls for Christmas.  So far, I have bought them Candyland, a Play Doh tool set and gift pack, and nightgowns. What are your kids getting this year?

As hard as we are working to help the girls grasp the concept that Christmas is about more than Santa, Rudolph, and presents, I had a regrettable moment of my own when I realized Christmas is on Sunday this year.  I believe I actually said something along the lines of, "Oh great...we have to work a CHURCH SERVICE in the Christmas day schedule too?!"  Not my best moment, by far.  (As far as I know, we will be attending church on Christmas morning, and I will be happy about it.)

This time of year makes me want to take on ambitious cooking projects.  I want to make bread pudding for Christmas brunch with my family, but I fear I may be out of my league. 

One of my favorite holiday treats is homemade chex mix.  Simple, I know, but I just can't get enough.  Marcia talked about it recently, and I confessed that I have never made the homemade kind.  Maybe this is the year?  (Or maybe I'm feeling overly ambitious again...)

I am a sucker for Christmas movies, and I have already watched several of my favorites this year. The embarrassing part is, it's not the classics like It's a Wonderful Life that I love the most.  No...you're much more likely to find me watching How the Grinch Stole Christmas (either version!), The Santa Clause (any of the three, though the first and second are my favorite), and Home Alone

In related news:  I have the ABC Family 25 Days of Christmas schedule posted on my bulletin board at work.  (Home Alone 2 tonight!)

Your turn!  What are your Christmas confessions?  Am I alone in my preference for 90s holiday movies?  What's your can't-miss Christmas movie?


  1. I just bought Christmas Vacation on DVD, as I only had the VHS version to date. ;)

    And you can totally make bread pudding! I have a couple of recipes that are easy and amazing (if I do say so)...let me know if you're interested.

    I hope Marcia will post her sweet Chex Mix recipe. I made the traditional stuff a couple of weeks ago for the first time, just the recipe off the Chex box. It was so yummy, and I know we'd love the sweet kind, too. Have you eer had "Puppy Chow" (or so I've heard it called)? It's Chex Mix of a sort, with peanut butter and powdered sugar...YUM! :)

    And finally, I confess...I STILL don't have my tree up, and there's a little voice inside my head that questioned if I should. Eek! Of course, I should! I have little ones! Gotta get it together...SOON! ;)

  2. I agree with you about spending this time of year. I have caught myself buying WAY more for the house than Christmas gifts.
    I love the 90s Christmas movies. My favorite being The Santa Clause!

  3. I think I should do a confessions post too - I am the same with spending TIL I get home and there's no space for all the cr*p.

    My study looks like wrapping paper and gifts exploded everywhere - I've done 9 gifts this evening and the overseas cards - Lovely and Creative but a MESS!

    Movies? I asked D and he said "Die Hard". I said "The Long Kiss Goodnight" :)

    But actually it's The Holiday :) I really should make a date night and watch with D - I love that cottage............. :)

  4. i LOVE christmas vacation :) i laugh every.single.time!!!

    our kids love little things: stocking stuffer type stuff==new toothbrushes, stickers, books, balls. they're also getting a kitchen and a few new clothing items.

    and i totally get you about trying to teach kids what this season is about. it's soooo hard, though, when it is a little stressful with scheduling :) you know this is crazy for me!!

    wonder if you're snuggled in watching home alone 2 right now?

  5. Two words: RANKIN BASS!!!

    I'm a sucker for them. So is my husband, despite the 20 year age gap! We missed one on CBS last night because we were going off the ABC calendar, not that it matters much because we have most of them on DVD. Although I don't think we've watched the DVD's but once, there's something about watching them on TV after dinner...

    I say jump all over the chex mix, and I have a bread pudding recipe if you're feeling ambitious!

  6. I love It's a Wonderful Life. I had to wrench myself away from Clark Griswold yesterday though.

    My big thing this year is that I want to attempt to make bread for my neighbors and include a hunk of cheese as our Christmas present for them. I've never given them anything before, but we'll see how it goes.


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