Still Here

I haven't been able to post all week, but we are still alive and kicking here!  We moved out of our house and into the rental house last Sunday, and life has been pretty crazy since then.  We are so, so grateful to have a place to go until we decide where we are headed next.  While we are in the rental house, we are living out of boxes as much as possible to avoid having to pack so much again.  We have a potential house that we hope is going to work out, so our fingers are crossed to be in it by mid-February! 

We had a few nights of interrupted sleep during the house-transitioning process, but things seem to on the mend now (I'm hoping!!).  Actually, I shouldn't even say we had interrupted sleep, because once they got to sleep, the girls did okay...it was just the going-to-sleep part that was frustrating for a few nights.  I'm incredibly spoiled by babies who have gone to bed without issue at 7:00 pm for the last four months, so I was frustrated to have to wrestle with them until 9:00 or later some nights.  Thank goodness they stayed asleep pretty well once they got to sleep, or I really would have thought I was suffering!  We are incredibly lucky in the sleep department...it just goes back to my lack of patience, which the girls are helping me work on.

Needless to say, between the babies and the house being in upheaval, Christmas preparations have been a little different this year.  We did not put the tree back up after we moved, and I have just started wrapping gifts (which I usually love and can't wait to do).  It's quite a different Christmas, for sure, but we will enjoy it all the same.  I can't wait to see my babies on Christmas morning, looking all sweet and snuggly in their holiday pajamas!  I know they won't care that they have gifts, but Jeremy and I can't wait to play with show them their new toys.  : )

We finally got Internet hooked up at home today, so maybe I can get back to my regular posting and reading habits...I have felt so disconnected without cable OR internet!

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  1. Aww Merry Christmas!! Hope your little angels have so much fun Christmas morning.


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