Some (Belated) Thoughts on Mother's Day

This past Sunday, I got to celebrate my first Mother's Day. I have to admit it was pretty exciting to have a day that recognizes and celebrates this new role in my life. Jeremy was very good to me, and bought me the camera I have been wanting. I got a very nice new camera for Christmas, but it is pretty bulky and hard to carry around. I decided I will keep it at home and for special occasions. I got a Sony Cybershot, which I'm liking so far. It is a perfect size to stick in my purse or diaper bag to shoot these girls on the go. The gift was nice, but the best part was knowing that Jeremy appreciates me as the mother of his children. Life has changed so drastically for all of us since April 2, but it helps to know there's someone on my side who truly understands.
Besides being so thankful for my beautiful girls, who gave me a reason to celebrate this first Mother's Day, I am more appreciative than ever for my own fabulous mother. Mom has been amazing, not only in the help she's given since the girls arrived, but throughout our whole lives. She has always been willing to do whatever she can for Laura and me, without hesitation or question. I honestly could not have survived these past six weeks without my mom. I could not even begin to list all the reasons I'm thankful for my sweet mother, so I'll just say again that she is absolutely amazing, and the girls are so lucky to have such a wonderful "Jen-Jen." I hope I can be half the mom she is.
Moving on to the girls...Addison and Mackenzie are six weeks old today. I knew time would go by quickly, but it really is hard to believe just how quickly it does go! Things are getting a little easier (as we adjust ourselves to the girls' needs), and we are settling in to a routine that works for us. Jeremy went back to work this past week, which threw a wrench in the routine a little, but we're making it. I am having to learn to manage the evening routine on my own, since Jeremy works from 3pm-1am. I haven't had too many nights entirely on my own so far (thanks again to my mom and my sister!), but enough to know it can be done.
They say with multiples, schedule and routine are key, and I absolutely believe that is true. Here's a glance at our daily life these days:

5-6 am: wake-up time. The first feeding of the morning starts somewhere in here.
6-9 am: rest time. We usually head to the living room (where we spend most of the day). I hope the girls will sleep a little more, so I can as well!
9-10 am: Feed again (I can usually keep them calm enough to feed one at a time...the whole process takes an hour)
10am-1pm: Playtime, lunch for mama (maybe!), naptime
1-2 pm: Feeding time
2-4 pm: Playtime, naptime
4-5 pm: Feeding time
5-7 pm: Playtime, naptime (usually mostly naptime around this time)
7-8pm: Feeding time
8-9:30: Playtime, bathtime
9:30-10:30: Feeding, bedtime story, bed

I try to have them in bed between 10 and 10:30, although most of the other times on the schedule are estimates. Especially in the morning, I will let them sleep longer if they will. We are still pretty close to a 3-hour feeding schedule during the day though. After going to bed at 10:00, they will then sleep until sometime around 1:00 am, which works because Jeremy gets home in time to do that feeding so I can sleep until 5:00. I hope this doesn't jinx it, but our nighttime sleep situation is going much better over the past couple of weeks. The girls are sleeping in their crib in Boppies...it seems like they think they are being held when they are in the Boppies, and we will do whatever works! : )
I fully intended to add some pictures to this post, but it just doesn't seem like it's going to happen today. Both girls are finally asleep, so I'm heading to bed myself. The oft-quoted lesson is true...sleep when they sleep! It might very well be the only chance you get for quite some time.

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