Lazy Days

I have pretty much been worthless so far in 2009. On New Year's Day, I literally stayed in my pajamas all day. It was great, actually! I got sucked into a Bones marathon, and I think I watched about 14 of the 16 episodes. Sad, huh? I read one of the books that inspired the Bones series awhile back, so I thought I would give the series a try also. It's similar to the CSI-genre, but there is a lot more interaction between the characters, which makes it a little more fun.
I did at least venture out of the house on Friday, to Babies R Us and Target. Other than that, I watched a lot of Gilmore Girls and did a whole lot of online browsing for baby items. I have chosen bedding, which I plan to order in the next few days, most likely from ebay, where I can find the best prices and matching accessories. We hope to have the nursery painted and furniture ordered by the end of the month...we'll see how that goes. I received a few new books on life with twins, which I am looking forward to diving into, even if it's a little scary!
So far, Saturday looks to shape up about like Thursday and Friday. Jeremy's shift has changed, and this is his first Saturday off in a very long time, so he's still sleeping. Our big plans for the day include a trip to Costco and possibly dinner out at Mikato, our favorite. : )
I realize this post has been insanely boring and mundane, so here's a few belly pictures to embellish a little:

Early this past week, at 22 weeks. (I was also experimenting with the timer feature on my new camera to take the picture myself.)

And, because my clothes make it hard to see exactly how much I am expanding, here's one shot of the actual belly before it gets too weird. Seeing it in a picture made it feel a little more real!

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    We at ComfyMe.com wish you and your family a continued great 2009!




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