August 12, 2006

Two years ago today, I wore the most beautiful wedding gown I had ever hoped to own. Two years ago today, I marvelled at flower arrangements I would never have dreamed of, and I danced at a wedding reception that topped anything I could have ever imagined. I was not one of those girls who knew exactly how I wanted my wedding to be when I was five years old. I didn't sit around imagining the huge, flowing gown, and I didn't spend hours trying to imagine my future groom. It just wasn't my thing. However, when I went to work at Talk of the Town in 2005, I was suddenly surrounded by weddings. I was newly engaged at that point in time, so I did spend a lot of time identifying the details I would like to see in my own wedding. By the next year, with my own wedding fast approaching, we were so busy at Talk of the Town that I felt like weddings had taken over my life. I was literally working 60 hours a week on other people's events! I had no energy left to obsess over my own. The best thing I ever did (related to my wedding, anyway) was to leave the details to Bruce, the most creative and talented person I know. I had an absolutely stress-free wedding day (power outages and all!), and I trusted in the TOTT team completely to handle everything down to the last detail. And as for that day two years ago, it was without a doubt better than anything I could have hoped for.

I realize that I have only talked about our wedding up to this point, saying little about our actual marriage. And I have learned that although the wedding is the beginning of the marriage, they are two completely different topics. The wedding was an event (an amazing one) that took months of planning, but was over within a few hours. The marriage, however, is a process. It continues to evolve and progress as Jeremy and I evolve, both as a couple and individually. In the next couple of days, I will explore our first two years in that process a little more. But for now, a few of my favorite pictures from the beginning of our marriage...

...haha...okay, pictures to come when I get them off the other computer! : ) I wanted to go ahead and get this posted before it was too far past our anniversary!

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