Weekend Happenings

This weekend was a pretty good one, as far as weekends go...at least until Sunday afternoon, but I'll get to that in a minute. Jeremy took off Friday night and we ventured into Huntsville to get my overdue birthday present (a brand-new laptop!) and had breakfast for dinner at Cracker Barrel. Saturday night was Kelly's birthday get-together, which I was a little unsure about all week. I was excited to see some people I hadn't seen in quite awhile, but also wondering if we'd have anything to talk about, since we are quickly moving way beyond the college sorority days. Kelly's circle of friends and mine began to diverge a little in college, and she is still in close contact with a lot more people than I am. I really shouldn't have worried though, it turned out to be a really enjoyable evening. I do miss seeing those girls sometimes, and though our conversations lean more toward the trials of sharing a marital checking account than which fraternity's formal is coming up next, I found I still had plenty in common with most of them. We grilled and just enjoyed being outside once the sun went down and it cooled down a little.

Sunday got off to a good start. Jeremy and I kept the nursery during church and we had 4 little boys to enjoy for an hour. I think Jeremy had a good time working puzzles and playing with the matchbox cars! It was our pastor's last Sunday with us, and it wasn't until after church was over that I realized I missed his last sermon. He has been with us for 4 years, which is a long time in the Methodist church, so we will miss him and his family a lot, I think. Having said that, we are all very excited about meeting our new pastor next week. He has three children, one of whom will be joining us in the youth group, and we have heard only good things about him so far. After church on Sunday, we went to dinner with my family, then headed for home. When we were around 30 minutes from home, Jeremy got a call from one of the county dispatchers, who asked if our dogs liked to escape from the backyard. (As a matter of fact, they do, which is something we are trying our hardest to fix, but we have some really smart dogs!) It seems our neighbor across the street had called the police because our dogs were in his yard. Needless to say, we made it home in record time. By the time we got there, the deputy had already caught our dogs and put them back inside the fence, and was out front talking to the complainer. They did not attack or bite anyone, and the neighbor even admitted the teenage boy in his yard had kicked one of my dogs when they wouldn't go away. The neighbor then went inside and got a shotgun and fired a shot in the ground to scare them. I was unbelievably upset at the way all of this transpired. I would completely understand some of this if my dogs had bitten or attacked someone, but I do not think our neighbor handled the situation well at all. I am really just thankful my dogs were not hurt, and I am glad they didn't hurt anyone either. Can you guess what Jeremy spent his day doing yesterday? If you said fixing the fence, you're a winner! We actually just got a privacy fence put up a couple of weeks ago, so we are just working out the kinks and blocking all the places they have been able to dig out underneath the fence (because we live on a hill, there are a few gaps where they can dig and squeeze out). We have tried a new method this time, and we are praying it takes care of the problem! So far, so good.

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