I haven't done so well with my resolve to actually keep up my writing in this blog, but I haven't told anyone where to find it yet anyway, so I guess no one can be disappointed in me! Maybe one of these days when I have something worthy to write about I will let people in on my little secret. Things have settled into a routine lately, but Jeremy and I still both extremely busy. The week has become very exhausting for me, but weekends are my release. I have become very stingy with my time on the weekends. The best ones are when I have Saturdays entirely free to do whatever I want, or nothing at all. Working every weekend at Talk of the Town for so long got very old, so I still appreciate the pleasure of actually having a weekend the way it was intended to be! I have settled into a basic Saturday morning routine. I get up early, around 6:30 or so, because that's when the dogs get up (they don't understand the concept of the weekend, unfortunately). After I take care of them, I usually settle on the couch for awhile with a book and either a good movie on HBO or some tv on DVD (currently watching: Gilmore Girls, Season 2 and The Office, Season 3) until Jeremy gets up around 10:30. Those mornings are probably my favorite time of the weekend...there is a peacefulness and stillness to the house and the neighborhood early on Saturday mornings, and it does wonders for my state of mind (which tends to be stretched a little thin by the end of the week). Anyway, the final new addition to my Saturday morning routine is that I now cook breakfast almost every weekend. I know, it doesn't sound like a good thing if you know my history in the kitchen, but it's not bad at all, I promise! And it's actually improving all the time. Friday nights and Saturday mornings are virtually the only time Jeremy and I are home together all week, so we try to take full advantage of it. This is just a small change in our lives that's come about since we've moved into the new house, but overall, I am loving our life and our home right now.

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